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1. Figure Training.

Let me get this out of the way first, it is a very personal subject but one that tends to comes up. If you are happy with how you look so am I. Big, little, tall, skinny or any other, I love you all. If you have an issue with your size and shape I need you to understand I can’t fix it. I can help with different lenses and shooting angles but if it is truly an issue the best thing you can do to make yourself happy is to diet. I am a pot belly and if I were to renew my vows you can bet I will try to slim up.

2. Tanning and Teeth.

Tan lines are impossible to fix for every shot of your wedding, the best thing to do is to be aware of your tan lines. Either tan al naturale or stay out of the sun before your wedding. Turkey feet and bikini lines will show up. Have your teeth whitened before your wedding. Your photographer can fix these issues in Photoshop but is way cheaper to handle tanning and teeth before the wedding. If this doesn’t bother you it doesn’t bother me either.

3. Other Vendors.

A wedding planner will be the best investment to your wedding day as long as they are organized and not over bearing. Videographers do an amazing job, but photographers and videographers always fight over the same space. Give the photographer creative control! A good photographer will work with the videographer to get everything done.

4. The Dress.

Buy the dress that flatters you, not always the one that Mom wants you to buy. Be aware of your body and pick the dress that works for you and your body type. No bride wants to fall out the front or the back of her dress.

5. The Venue.

Find one that has good light, a good photographer can light an entire room but you will be happier with less gear in your wedding. A great bridal suite! A lot of times you are given a conference room or a closet, it is hard to get good prep pictures is a bad bridal suite. A good suite will also allow you to shoot anything that you want shot. Ask for recent pictures, videos, ask to sit in on a wedding to see how they handle their business. The venue needs a place for the group shots, putting everyone up front after the ceremony works but having a place with a good backdrop is always better.

6. Quality vs Quantity.

Nobody want thousands of crap pictures of their wedding, If someone promises you that they are not looking for great shots just trying to get to a shot count. 40 per hour of coverage is about what you should be looking for. 80 to 120 pictures in normal in a wedding album, looking through 2000 pics to get to 120 would be horrible.

7. Hours of Coverage.

Do not let your photographer talk you into more coverage than you need. An hour before the ceremony to an hour after the last scheduled event is more than you need. The only exception is if there is a Grand Exit, and to honest it is always better to fake this right after the ceremony and before the reception. Everyone will still be sober and excited.

8. Time to Shoot.

You have to schedule time for the photographer to do their job. It always takes some time for the awkward time to pass, we need time. 30 Minutes for groups and 30 minutes for the couple. Remember late starts will cut into photography time and the first part to be cut is always the couple shoot. If you want great wedding pictures you have to give the time required.

9. Food.

Feed your photographer. Give us a table in the reception hall to see what’s going on and be there to get it. Also, feed the photographer right after the wedding party goes through. You will not want pictures of you eating so that is the best time to feed us. If you wait till all the guests are fed things will be happening while we are eating. A fed photographer is a happy photographer.

10. Bridezillas.

Don’t be one. It will kill your wedding, something will go wrong during the wedding, if you accept it before it happens then you will be less stressed. My job as a photographer is to keep you comfortable throughout the day and get great images, if you are ripping everyone’s head off that is hard to do.

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